Experience the new generation
of aromatisation devices from ipuro.

Air Pearls revolutionise your fragrance experience.

ipuro, pioneer in the breathtaking world of aromatisation devices, presents a new dimension of sensuality with the electric aromatisation devices of the Air Pearls series.

The innovative technology allows fragrance capsules to be replaced and reused at any time and it works according to a “Plug & Sense” principle: Powered by electricity, these devices actively distribute the extract of special fragrance pearls into the room, through quiet ventilation. One capsule can provide approximately 40 hours of fragrance in continuous operation. The fragrances can be changed at will according to your desired mood. Three different devices offer a wide range of applications so you can enjoy your personal fragrance experience anywhere - at home and away.

Choose from three devices
for different room dimensions.

Electric car diffusor

With our smallest electric aromatisation device, each drive will be a great journey for your senses too. The practical plug is simply plugged in to the 12V cigarette lighter socket and, in no time at all, the entire passenger compartment is filled with your favourite fragrance.

Image - ipuro Air Pearls - Electric car diffuser

Electric room diffusor (plug-in)

Our compact aromatisation device is suitable for home as well as away. The elegant device with fan-shaped fragrance slits is plugged directly into the socket. In living rooms, bedrooms or bathrooms, in the office or in a hotel – your fragrances can finally go wherever you go.

Image - Air Pearls by ipuro - Electric room diffusor (plug-in)

Electric room diffusor (cube)

Our premium device is an electric aromatisation device and a design object in one. It smoothly integrates into any environment and, in no time at all, it fills large rooms with sensuality. Simply charge the integrated battery by plugging into the wall or a laptop and use the cube in continuous or interval mode.

Image - Air Pearls by ipuro - Electric room diffusor (cube)
Image - Air Pearls by ipuro - Electric car diffusorImage - Air Pearls by ipuro - Electric room diffusor (plug-in)Image - Air Pearls by ipuro - Electric room diffusor (cube)