Air Pearls Düfte

16 different types of fragrance.

N°1 white orchid

Air Pearls - Air Pearls - N°1 white orchid

The myth of Asia as a sunny yet radiant fragrance experience.

N°2 cotton fields

Air Pearls - N°2 cotton fields

Soft, subtle and slightly powdery with a hint of vanilla – a pure escape to a pleasant environment.

N°3 mental balance

Air Pearls - N°3 mental balance

The light-heartedness of a maritime summer day.

N°4 lemongrass

Air Pearls - N°4 lemon grass

A fragrance cocktail that refreshes the senses.


N°5 flower bowl

Air Pearls - N°5 flower bowl

The wonderful meeting of floral notes and invigorating freshness brings air and life into your home.

N°6 cashmere

Air Pearls - N°6 cashmere

For the extravagant demands of the senses - fine, silky and fresh.

N°7 garden of eden

Air Pearls - N°7 garden of eden

The finest flowers, delicate and seductive fragrances in the morning dew.

N°8 black

Air Pearls - N°8 black

A mystical fragrance full of oriental sensuality.

N°9 frozen mojito

Air Pearls - N°9 frozen mojito

An ice cold fragrance cocktail - sparkling and refreshing.

N°10 caramel & milk

Air Pearls - N°10 caramel & milk

A delicious combination of sweet surprise and gentle seduction.

N°11 leather & wood

Air Pearls - N°11 leather & wood

So fine, so tangy, so exclusive: leather and wood in a voluptuous combination.

N°12 vanilla

Air Pearls - N°12 vanilla

The ever popular classic fragrance in a new sensual interpretation.

N°13 orange sky

Air Pearls - N°13 orange sky

Fresh and fruity, straight from the heart of juicy citrus fruits - lifts the mood and creates energy in the room.

N°14 mango passion

Air Pearls - N°14 mango passion

Fruity, exotic passion that conjures glorious summer freshness in the air.

N°15 sparkling champaign

Air Pearls - N°15 sparkling champaign

A sparkling seductive luxury that will captivate the senses.

N°16 pink pepper

Air Pearls - N°16 pink pepper

A fresh spicy fragrance with sparkling character.