How long do ipuro products last for?

The large bottle can be used for up to half a year, the smaller bottle for up to three months. The intensity and reach of the scent varies depending on the number of rattan reeds used and the size of the room.


How long can I store ipuro for?

Unopened, up to two years.


Can the rattan sticks be turned over?

At the beginning, the reeds can be turned so that they become saturated faster and give off the fragrance more effectively.


What size of room is ipuro suitable for?

Depending on the fragrance and desired intensity, it is suitable for rooms up to approximately 30m².


Do the large bottles smell more strongly than the small ones?

No, since the release of the fragrance is regulated with the surface size of the rattan reeds and this is the same for both sizes of bottle.


Why can’t I smell the fragrance so strongly anymore?

The sense sensation is unique - every individual will perceive the fragrances in a different way. As with good perfumes, an ‘accustomisation process’ can also occur with room fragrances.


Are synthetic perfume ingredients used?

No, we use only natural and nature-identical ingredients.


Why don’t you use exclusively natural perfume oils?

To guard against allergies. Natural perfume ingredients are not necessarily better than nature-identical ones. Quite the opposite in fact, as the strongest allergens can be found in nature. Furthermore, there is also the risk of exposure to environmental toxins and pesticides. We want to avoid these risks.


Where can I buy ipuro products?

You can purchase ipuro products in all DEPOT stores, in DEPOT Shop-in-Shops or at our other trading partners. The store finder will help you find your nearest stockist.

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